A Zone Defense for Builders: Massachusetts Legislature Expands Zoning Protections for Developers Under M.G.L. Chapter 40A

Court Concludes OK for Kids to Learn Rather Than Play

Banker & Tradesman Publishes “Say Hello to That Cleaner Water” by Paul Bauer

Court Douses Sprinkler Requirement for Some Multifamily Renovations

Employer-Provided Housing – Tax Free?

You Can Get There From Here: Waterfront Access to Boston Harbor

SJC Clarifies “Disparate Impact” Housing Discrimination in Massachusetts

While Consumers “Drink Local,” Brewers must “Think Local” About the Environment: Yuengling to Pay Almost $10 Million to Address Environmental Violations

Senate Passes Historic, Controversial Zoning Reform Bill – What’s Next?

Office Leases vs. Office Sharing: What Landlords and Shared Space Users Should Consider with Coworking Space on the Rise

The Real Reporter Publishes “Do U.S. Fair Housing Policies Require Renting to Criminals?” by Joe Ransom

Appeals Court Examines Whether Alcohol Sales are a “Substantial Extension” of a Lawfully Operating Convenience Store

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