COVID-19 Alert

Will traditional business insurance policies apply to claims related to the Coronavirus?

COVID-19 Alert

The Coronavirus and the Doctrine of Force Majeure – How to Anticipate the “Known Unknowns”


Qualified Opportunity Funds: How Do They Work?

Bowditch’s Economic Development Summit: A Showcase of Worcester’s Cultural Strengths and Unrealized Potential

IRS Guidance Issued for Rental Real Estate and the QBI Deduction

What Constitutes the ‘Exercise’ of a Variance?

Clock Is Ticking on Opportunity Zones for Tax Year 2019

Airbnb Tax Comes to Massachusetts

housing choice initiative

Supreme Judicial Court Case Addresses When Homeowners Need Variances

Urban Agriculture: Keeping Worcester Fresh

Three Lessons from the Unraveling of the NYC Amazon Deal

Development and growth

Baker Looks to Zoning Changes to Address Affordable Housing Crisis

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